Why DarLukman

DarLukman Company is renowned for its exceptional and dependable linguistic and translation services. It has gained global trust and provides its expertise to numerous international corporations, institutions, government agencies, and educational establishments.
No matter what language you need to communicate in, your message depends on communication that not only conveys the literal meaning of your words, but the proper style, tone, and accuracy that’s right for your audience. That’s why DarLukman is trusted worldwide for top-notch, reputable, and reliable translation and language services. Registered and based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), we serve a diverse mix of international corporations, organizations, government entities, and educational institutions. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why organizations throughout the world choose DarLukman:

Native Speakers with Professional Credentials: Each member of our hand-picked, premier team is a fully accredited native speaker of the target language they work in, with a minimum of five years of relevant background experience.
Deep Category Specialization: DarLukman is the first translation agency of its kind in the UAE to specialize exclusively in language services for professional organizations. The institutions we provide services for include, but are not limited to: government agencies, corporations, small-scale and large-scale companies, hospitals, law firms, publishing agencies, and educational institutions.Whether your organization is for-profit or non-profit, public or private, large- or small-scale, emerging or well-established, DarLukman offers language services designed to help you communicate clearly across language barriers and achieve your unique goals.
Client-Centered Approach: Our project managers and translators work as a dynamic team, maintaining constant communication with you and with one another. This integrated workflow guarantees that your organization’s objectives and specific needs are incorporated into the final, translated project—whether your content is technical, literary, or requires a customized approach to language that is unique to your organization.
Linguistically Diverse Location: We’re located in Dubai, UAE—a hub of economic growth and globalization where cross-border communication is an integral part of daily life. The unlimited linguistic resources of this cosmopolitan city ensure that no translation company is better equipped than DarLukman to provide your organization with optimal translation services.
Centralized, One-Stop Service: Many translation companies boast about how widely their staff is dispersed across the globe. Here at DarLukman, however, we believe this dispersal dilutes efficiency, making the translation process more complex and less convenient for your organization. We take pride in our ability toWe’re always looking for ways to serve you better by incorporating the best of the conventional translation industry with our own unique vision. Our goal is to set unprecedented quality standards, both for your organization and for the translation industry as a whole.
Security and Confidentiality: The safety and confidentiality of your proprietary information is our top priority. Every member of our staff, from our translators, editors, and project managers to our internal support staff operates under a stringent confidentiality agreement.
Highly Competitive Rates: DarLukman guarantees reasonable, fair rates that our competitors can’t match. We’ll work with you and your organization to ensure that you get the best possible service at the best value. Honest pricing proposals outline the specific details of each service, empowering you to choose the language solutions that best meet your goals. 
Proven and Respected Reputation: Since 2009, DarLukman has provided high-quality language services to leading companies and institutions, including household names like Dior, Ikea, and Microsoft; global hotel and resort chains; government agencies; and many more.

Our Vision

Our vision is a simple one: we work hard every day to be the UAE’s leading translation services provider to organizations throughout the world. We strive to set unprecedented standards of quality, integrity, and reliability in the market by combining high-quality translation services with a dynamic, client-centered approach.
We expect nothing less than the best from every document we translate. We also expect nothing less from ourselves than to be the best, establishing and maintaining a reputation as the preferred translation and language services provider in the industry—in the UAE, in the Gulf region, and around the globe. We harness the power of the most highly qualified translators, cutting-edge technology, and innovative organizational techniques to provide unrivaled translation services.
Our goal as your translation and language services provider is to harness the power of language to maximize your organization’s reach and influence. In partnership with DarLukman, your organization will be equipped with the language tools that transcend borders and dissolve communication barriers, eliminating obstacles to your organization’s growth and development.
About Us

Our Process

DarLukman uses a standardized workflow process to ensure our final product meets all of your organization’s standards, objectives, and expectations. Here’s how the process works:

Selection a Target Language for Your Message

Choose from more than 40 language combinations, including but are not limited to: English, Russian, Farsi, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, French, Spanish, or German. 

Your Personal Project

A dedicated project coordinator is assigned to monitor every stage of your translation process, ensuring consistency and project management while giving you a single, straightforward point of contact.

Translation, Editing, and

A professional, native-speaking translator of your target language performs the initial conversion of your text. The technical aspects are then reviewed and edited by an industry expert who is currently working in the field. 

Compilation of a Specialized

Does your company, organization, or industry use specialized terms or a customized approach to translated content? Your translation team will compile a glossary of terms designed just for you, guaranteeing that the terminology used in the translated project is consistent with the style and language practices your foreign subsidiaries are already familiar with.

Formatting and Galley

Once the text is finalized, our formatter flows the translated text into a copy of the source file you provided in the original language. This formatted document is then galley reviewed by the project's proofreader. We are also able to provide desktop publishing formatting of the target language version in most popular layout applications, including InDesign, PageMaker, and QuarkXPress.

Our Methodology

Serving the Global Marketplace with Linguistic Innovation

Industry best practices are just the starting point for the service you’ll receive from DarLukman. We’re constantly striving to improve these practices and enhance them with new innovations designed to give you a competitive advantage while keeping pace with a rapidly evolving global marketplace.We’re always looking for ways to serve you better by incorporating the best of the conventional translation industry with our own unique vision. Our goal is to set unprecedented quality standards, both for your organization and for the translation industry as a whole.

The following unique services distinguish DarLukman as a leader in translation services:

  • We cater exclusively to the needs of professional organizations like yours—including but not limited to: governmental institutions, embassies, corporations, businesses, hospitals, and legal firms.
  • You’ll work with a dedicated Project Manager and Account Manager assigned specifically to your organization.
  • We double-check all our results using a multi-step quality control process to guarantee precise, accurate, error-free work.
  • Rapid communication—we take pride in responding to your messages and requests quickly and delivering rapid turnaround times for all your translation projects.
  • Flexible Production Teams to adapt and serve the unique needs of your organization.
  • Production facilities in Dubai and throughout the Middle East, allowing us to maintain low-cost production sites with nearly unlimited access to qualified professionals.