Subtitle Translation Services in Dubai, UAE

Subtitles plays an important role in promoting the videos with a professional approach. Visual Subtitling offers real time subtitling and pre-recorded subtitling for broadcasting and non-broadcasting industries. With state-of-the-art studios and professional translators in more than 100 languages, we offer the best Subtitles Service within an affordable price range. At DarLukman Translation Services, highly qualified linguists who are fluent in both the source and target languages and their cultures perform translation of subtitles. They are selected based on their experience and knowledge in the prevailing vernacular dialects, idioms and phrases and other nuances of both the languages. Our translation for subtitling conveys the exact meaning of the source language capturing the same style and spirit. Ours is one of the leading subtitling companies with a language range that spans across languages from every nook and corner of the world. Subtitle translation services are performed by our team of subtitling artists who are obsessed with this art of subtitling. They perform this art with complete dedication that they are able to complete any type of project at an unimaginable speed. Our services include
  • TV program subtitle translations
  • Commercials subtitle translations
  • Videos subtitle translations
  • DVD subtitle translations
  • Web-only videos subtitle translations
  • Webcast subtitle translations
  • Television & Movies
  • Training
  • Corporate & Business Subjects
We offer subtitles for nearly any language. Fast turnarounds, our Award-show subtitling is completed overnight. Non-Latin scripts, we are proficient in a wide range of alphabets and non-Latin scripts. Most of our subtitles in translation are informative and accurate as that of the original language. We also include proper localization simultaneously within the translation so that the reach of the program is increased automatically. Our Subtitling in translation has attracted a multitude of clients worldwide.

File Formats:

DarLukman Translation Services can deliver the file format which includes: M4A, .M4B, .M4V, .RA, .RM, .QT.XML, .QT.TXT, .QT.SMIL, .SMI, .ASX MOV, MP4, WMV, SWF, FLV, and many more. Encoded Text (STL, SRT, SSA, etc.) – for DVD authoring programs, YouTube/web interfaces, etc. XML files – for editing programs (Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Avid) or Flash. Graphics/Text references – text file with graphics (JPG/BMP/TIFF) DVD with subs track (toggle). QuickTime video with subs track (toggle). QuickTime Alpha channel track (toggle). Whether your subtitling topic is simple or complex, accurate translation and professional quality subtitling is essential to the success of your video or film. This kind of quality subtitling can only happen where the people working on your project have an in-depth understanding of cultural and idiomatic expressions, cultural norms, customs, ethnic groups, and more… You’ll have this with our professional native speaking translation teams. In addition, our full service video production and post production DarLukman Translation Servcies has technicians that are capable and experienced in every phase of the translation and subtitling production process. This means that we offer absolute authenticity combined with outstanding production value. Many translation companies are headquartered overseas, which can create challenges. Our headquarters is located in the Dubai, UAE.So, this means that you’ll have easy communication, and you won’t experience the delays and additional expenses involved with a company that’s based out of the UAE or GCC area.


Our stringent quality assurance process ensures high level of accuracy in all transcriptions that we partake. At minimum, we guarantee accuracy of all transcription projects a feature that is unmatched by our competitors. We offer a wide range of affordable transcription services. We are specialists in audio to text conversion for all formats of Audios and Videos; interviews, recordings, lectures, seminars, discussions, telephone conversations, legal recordings, market research surveys, digital recordings etc.
  • Audio Transcription Services
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  • Interviews Transcription Services
  • Automobile Industry Transcription Services
Our translation services can help you reach a wider market. We support over 100+ spoken languages including but not limited to Arabic, English, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Polish and more. And our supported language list is dynamically increasing by the day. We are the leading and most trusted translation company that offers cost effective translation. Our Team is highly skilled linguists, using the most up-to-date specialist software and industry-standard guidelines. They handle large volumes of work at impressive speed, while safeguarding quality, and time subtitles from scratch. Our subtitling teams offer succinct editing services, which communicate content in a concise way, whilst staying true to the source material. We specialize in producing vast volumes of work to tight deadlines. No language is too big a challenge for our subtitling teams – we excel in a wide range of alphabets and styles.