Localization Services

Localization Translation Services in Dubai, UAE

Success in international business requires more than literal translation. Even small cultural misunderstandings or mistakes can damage your brand’s credibility and integrity. Every component of your product or service—from document content to graphic design to technical specifications—needs to be evaluated in the context of the target culture. This is sometimes true even if two cultures speak the same language, much less a different one.

DarLukman’s localization and translation experts will review your messages and products to ensure smooth integration with the language, technology, time zones, customs, holidays, alternate calendars (where applicable), traditional gender roles and other cultural norms of your target audience. Our scrupulous attention to detail ensures that your business is understood in the way you intend, without embarrassing gaffes or cultural misunderstandings, and that your products and services work correctly in the target region.

DarLukman’s localization services include:

1- Culture Review

Adapting your content for your target culture ensures wider acceptance and understanding of your message. DarLukman employs native members of each supported region to ensure the appropriateness of proposed offerings for your desired international market.

Elements regularly reviewed by our team include, but are by no means limited to:
  • Products and ServicesMarketing, Documentation, and Editorial copy
  • Names, Slogans, and Tag Lines
  • Photography and Illustrations
  • Logos, Symbols, Icons, and other graphic elements
  • Color, Typography, and other design choices
Your cultural review report will flag items that might hinder the success of your message in the target culture and include detailed suggestions for resolving them, maximizing your opportunities for success.

2- Terminology Management

Ensuring consistency of terms between all supported languages is a standard part of the localization services you receive from DarLukman. We maintain a unique, confidential glossary for each client in order to standardize the use of both general and client-specific terms among all translations and regional localizations. 

This consistency ensures accurate understanding by assigning the correct translation and interpretation whenever key words, phrases, or ideas are used. It also helps to establish and maintain your brand’s integrity by ensuring that approved conventions are used for every project. In addition, your terminology glossary enables the automation of many translation and localization tasks, decreasing your total cost.
Your organization’s glossary is initially created through one-on-one consultation, and is regularly updated to reflect changes in your messaging and linguistic evolutions in target languages or cultures.

3- Design and Publishing Services

DarLukman offers a full range of design and publishing services to help you meet the challenges of converting print and electronic materials to other languages. Our accomplished designers are particularly skilled at maintaining the look and feel of your original as closely as possible while handling style and layout issues created by different word lengths, text orientations, reading directions, and eye tracking behavior of your target audiences. 

We regularly take on the challenge of converting Western text, which reads left-to-right, into languages that read right-to-left (such as Arabic). You’ll also receive advice on localization issues that may affect your design, including the appropriateness of colors, typefaces, and other graphic elements for your intended readers.
Our skilled design staff has experience with key publishing applications, including the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and others.

DarLukman offers design and publishing expertise in all of the following:
  • Catalogs, Brochures, Flyers and Fact Sheets
  • Software
  • User Guides and Manuals
  • Books
  • White Papers, Articles and other Documents
  • PowerPoint and other presentation formats

4- Localization Engineering

Ensuring that your files function correctly with local technologies is an integral part of our localization process. We pay close attention to all of the technical aspects associated with your products, from software compatibility to file formatting and everything in between. Costs and human error are both minimized in this process by extensive automation.

Our Engineering team ensures maximum compatibility with the following services:

  • File analysis and conversion
  • Translation Memory (TM) creation and maintenance
  • Pre-translation
  • Tag management
  • Localization testing on the most commonly used platforms
  • Resolution of non-translatable text challenges
  • Post-project analysis to improve future localizations