Localization Services

Localization Translation Services in Dubai, UAE

Success in international business requires more than literal translation. Even small cultural misunderstandings or mistakes can damage your brand’s credibility and integrity. Every component of your product or service—from document content to graphic design to technical specifications—needs to be evaluated in the context of the target culture. This is sometimes true even if two cultures speak the same language, much less a different one. DarLukman’s localization and translation experts will review your messages and products to ensure smooth integration with the language, technology, time zones, customs, holidays, alternate calendars (where applicable), traditional gender roles and other cultural norms of your target audience. Our scrupulous attention to detail ensures that your business is understood in the way you intend, without embarrassing gaffes or cultural misunderstandings, and that your products and services work correctly in the target region.

DarLukman’s localization management services include:

  • Cultural Review
  • Terminology Management
  • Design and Publishing Services
  • Localization Engineering